Areas of Criminal Law Practice


Criminal Driving Offences

Impaired Driving, Over 80, Refusal to Blow, Failure to Blow, DUI, DWI, Care or Control, Drunk Driving. We are one of [...]


Violence Offences (General and Domestic)

Domestic Violence,  Assault, Assault with Weapon/Bodily Harm, Aggravated Assault, Assaulting Peace Officer, Sexual Assault, Threats, Harassment, Choking, Confinement, Weapons, Robbery, [...]


Property Offences

Theft, Break and Enter, Fraud, Robbery, Motor Vehicle Theft, Mischief, Arson, Trespass, Other property offences. Theft & Fraud   [...]


Drug Offences

Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Production, Grow-Ops, Importation, Proceeds of Crime. Drug Possession   [...]


Other Offences

Breaches. Appeals. Any other criminal charge. Breach & Failure to Comply A breach or a failure to comply charges can [...]

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I would like to express my gratitude for representing my case with such integrity and efficiency, which brought about the withdrawal of charges against me. I realize, I wasn`t a very good client, due to my communication problems, but your professional conduct and patience were very helpful in getting through the nightmare of the past 6 months.


I was just sending you this email to thank you for how much you did to help me out when I was down and out I appreciate everything you have done for me if you ever need anything let me know I strongly recomend you to anyone who wants a lawyer with heart thank you again.